Public warned to avoid eating raw cattle meat due to disease

Members of the public are warned to avoid buying raw cattle meat for consumption for the time being due to the spread of haemorrhagic septicemia in provinces bordering Myanmar.

Mr Ayut Harinthranont, deputy director-general of Livestock Department, disclosed today that the contagious disease originated from cattle which were smuggled into the country from neighbouring countries.

It was reported that, so far, 250 cattle in border provinces such as Tak, Uthai Thani and Kanchanaburi had been infected by the disease and 32 of them have died.

The spread of the disease was reported to be most serious in Thapthun district of Uthai Thani because cattle raisers did not heed the advice of livestock officials to have their dead animals buried but instead ate their meat and shared out the meat to neighbours, said Mr Ayut.

Officials are now trying to vaccinate cattle which have not been infected and to prevent the smuggling of cattle from Myanmar.

Even the disease cannot be transmitted to human beings, he suggested that they should avoid buying cattle meat or to eat raw cattle meat for the time being for safety reason.

Source: Daily News Online