Prosecutors appeal against Ahok’s imprisonment

Public prosecutors have formally appealed against the North Jakarta District Court’s conviction and imprisonment of Jakarta governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama for blasphemy, The Jakarta Post Online reported on Tuesday.

Ahok’s lawyer said the prosecutors had appealed with the Jakarta High Court via the North Jakarta District Court.

The two-year imprisonment imposed by the North Jakarta District Court on May 9 was stiffer compared to the prosecutors’ demand of two-year probation and one year in prison.

However, the prosecutors’ demand was ignored by the five-judge panel who believed that Ahok had committed blasphemy.

Attor-General Prasetyo said the prosecutors’ appeal was a normal process and was in line with existing legal procedures.

The appeal aims to challenge the district court’s legal basis to punish Ahok, he added.

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