Professional football players must pay tax: Revenue Dept

The Revenue Department has sent its officials to meet professional football players and all football clubs throughout the country to tell them that, as income earners, they are required by the law to pay tax, department chief Prasong Poontaneat said.

Mr Prasong said he has given the policy for revenue officials to go out to educate professional football players and their clubs how to properly file their tax payments since football tournaments are now big businesses with large amounts of money in circulation.

Professional football players are highly paid, some of them taking a monthly pay in hundreds of thousand baht.

Therefore, the Revenue Department wants both the players and their clubs to understand that they are required by the law to pay tax.

Mr Prasong said the department has sent its officials to meet them for several months. Football clubs of all levels in the country have registered as companies whose incomes are from tournaments, sponsors, patent rights, and sales of tickets.

The football players receive monthly salaries, subsistence allowances and bonuses. Some of them also make extra money from being goods presenters.

Foreign football players playing for various clubs in the country are also subject to taxation.

Mr Prasong said in Thailand the highest tax rate is not over 35%, while in Europe it is as high as 50%.