Pridiyathorn calls Yingluck a failed government

Former finance minister Pridiyathorn Devakula today called Yingluck administration a failed government which can no longer stay in office to bring peace and order back to the country and regain confidence from the people and foreign investors.

He cautioned that any ambition to stay on in office could bring the country to catastrophe.

He urged her to devote by stepping down, saying this would help the country out of the expected catastrophe if she insisted to hang on to the job.

The former finance minister said in his open letter to the caretaker prime minister that she has failed in various aspects in running the country.

He said economic growth declines, investment confidence dampens and her popularity plunges, all indicating to her government’s failure in performing duties.

He said that what Yingluck could do now was to devote herself to help the country out of the crisis by resigning which could do so under the constitution.

But if she insisted to stay on, he cautioned the country could turn to catastrophe.