Press associations urge fair coverages of political conflicts

The Thai Journalists Association and the National Press Council issued a joint statement on Monday outlining the responsibility and performance of duty of the media in the wake of political conflicts.

The statement was in response to some obstacles encountered by the media working at Ratchadamnoen protest site since Sunday and the protesters’ decision to march to four free TV stations on Monday.

In the statement, the two media organizations pleaded with protest leaders and their followers to understand the role of the media and to enable the media people to do their job independently and to present facts in all aspects.

In the meantime, the two media bodies asked the media to do their job in a straight-forward manner, to refrain from distortion and to be fair to all parties in the conflict so that the people will have access to the accurate information.

However, in doing their duty in such a fashion, it is possible that the parties in the conflict may not be satisfied “but we assure that the media people have tried to reflect the facts which emerged the best they can,” said the two media organisations.

They also urged the government not to misuse the media to incite public dissent or hatred.