President Jokowi’s support within Golkar at stake

Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s support within the Golkar appears to be at stake as the party is reportedly preparing a congress in response to pressure from party members for an election to replace the incumbent party chairman Setya Novanto recently named a corruption suspect, The Jakarta Post Online reported on Monday(Nov 20).

According to Jakarta-based Voxpol Centre Research and Consulting executive director Pangi Syarwi Chaniago, political dynamics within the Golkar party would likely become more fluid if a congress is held, which means that any politician elected could be someone unwilling to join the government’s coalition.

Pangi noted that factions within the ruling party remains although internal divisions that erupted in 2015 has been resolved through the election of Setya who was then considered as a neutral candidate.

He told the Jakarta Post Online that he wasn’t sure that the Golkar would continue to support Jokowi as the party leadership can be won by any members of the Aburizal’s faction.

Aburizal Bakrie, a businessman, who in 2015 led a faction against Agung Laksono who supported Jokowi. In that year, he tended to side with the government’s opposition led by the Gerindra party.

Golkar deputy secretary-general Ace Hasan Syadzily said that the party’s executive committee would meet Tuesday to discuss Setya’s case, including whether to hold a congress or not to elect a new leader to replace Setya as demanded by some party members.