Prayuth pleads for cooperation in national reform while asking resistance to stop 

Army chief and junta leader Prayuth Chan-ocha says resistance to the military junta remains active with  ill-intentioned people continue using social media, distributing leaflets, and circulating anonymous letters making false accusations to discredit the military junta.

They are the same groups of people who have criticized and attacked the military, citing merely of democracy and returning power to the people, he said.

In an almost two hours of speech broadcast on TV Friday night,  Gen Prayuth addressed the nation about problems obstructing the military junta’s national reform attempt, progress which it has  achieved and hasn’t achieved, as well as voiced his concern on Ebola outbreak, surrogacy, forest encroachment.

Annual military reshuffle was also addressed and even children’s homework which students have now have to hire certain people to do for them.

On the existing active resistance to the military junta,  Gen Prayuth said these people used the same tactics, claiming democracy and election as an excuse.

They would say ‘bring back democracy, return power to the people and hold an election, ‘ he said.

They print out leaflets and use social networks to make false accusations against the military junta.

“I don’t understand why they’re doing this,” Gen Prayuth said.

He said authorities knew who they were and where they  held clandestine meetings to resist.

“I’ve always said that we want to create a reconciliation atmosphere so that the reform can be carried out quickly but many people still try to destabilize the situation by using the words ‘democracy’ and ‘election’. These people don’t see that an incomplete democracy is not safe and it does not create confidence in the global community, he said.

“I’m very tired of talking and working but I would like to thank everyone who listens to me, whether or not you have confidence in me. So let’s wait and see. But I ask you not to resist us. We know everything that you’ve done but we don’t want to use violence against you. Using the law excessively is not fun. It may be fun to you but not to me,” Gen Prayuth said.

He then urged these people to stop the resistance  as it would slow down the
country’s move towards sustainable  growth.

Gen Prayuth said some people may think the NCPO was slow in solving all problems in the country but they needed to know that there were many complications in the current political, security, economic and social-psychological environment.

These were reasons why reconciliation and national reform needed cooperation from all sectors all people, he said.

He urged all sides not to look at the world in one dimension and they should not listen to only one side.

Gen Prayuth said he would not intervene in the reform process because Thais from all sides had to work together to achieve it.

He said the NCPO had made some progress three months after the May 22 coup but some problems remained.

After the junta addressed certain problems in the country and moved on to solve another, some influential figures would return to exploit other people again. They would use social pressure and mislead people with low income.

“These wrongdoers use the general public as a hostage. This must come to an end.

“I may have to interfere with the work of civil servants, policy makers and politicians because they know where the problems lie. As long as there are some civil servants who work for their personal interests, the benefits for the people will decrease accordingly.

“If we let the old democracy continue, it will greatly damage the country and slow down the country’s development,” the general said.

He also assured of fair and just consideration of this year’s military and police reshuffles , saying they have been done in accordance with rules, regulations, laws, and discipline”.

He urged dissatisfied officers to refrain from making damaging comments related to the issue.

“The reshuffles were done under principles and collective consideration of many people,” he said.

“The military and the police officers all have discipline so we do not fight over command appointments. One must accept the final decision. Candidates can compete by performing their duties for next year’s reshuffle,” he added.

He said police and military corps are “one family having known each other and having worked together”.

“So please do not make damaging comments. Everything is made to rules, regulations, laws, and discipline,” he said.

On cases related to Thai surrogate mothers, he said mothers may receive leniency on case-by-case basis.

“Thai women who have agreed to be surrogate mothers will avoid seeing doctors in hospitals for fear of being prosecuted, and cannot return to clinics that have been shut down,” Prayuth said. “The exception is possible on a case-by-case basis, if evidence is presented.”

He said the Public Health Ministry needs to look into the issue.

On foreign affairs, Gen.Prayuth has reiterated that the relations between Thailand and other countries continuously improve. They understand Thailand more and are willing to continue partnership in all areas.

He recalled recent trip by a NCPO executive responsible for national security Gen Thanasak Patimaprakorn to attend meetings among ASEAN member countries , and the foreign ministry hosting of meetings on cooperation between East Asia and Latin America from 19-22 August 2014 in Bangkok.

The events received positive feedback from many countries who understood Thailand’s problems better, Gen.Prayuth said. They maintained the same level of cooperation with Thailand, especially cooperation on trade and investment, since they believed Thailand had more stability, he said.