Prayut vows to eliminate corruption

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha today vowed to eliminate  corruption in the country and to promote more integrity and responsibility within the society.

He also condemned all cheats and corrupt individuals to an unfavorable fate while also asserting that more intensive checks will be made and any wrongdoing will be severely penalized irrespective of rank or standing.

Gen Prayut affirmed his administration’s intention to tackle corruption at a ceremony that was also transmitted via video-conference to provincial government offices and local administrative departments throughout the country.

The main theme of the ceremony was to foster greater honesty and integrity among government officials and most importantly to curb corruption.

Foremost in his  message was for all civil servants to work tirelessly for the general welfare of the Thai people.

Answering queries from the media, the prime minister stated that all checks and monitoring that have been carried out are based on solid evidence and protocol.

He was confident that process was fair and no one was taking sides.

Anyone carrying out or allowing illicit activities will be punished regardless of rank or standing.

He goes on to state that he was working to make the judiciary a strong institution that is inviolate so that Thailand can move forward.

He warns that any projects that have been signed off as a result of criminal activity or bribes will not be tolerated and any officials found to have been involved will be severely punished.