Prayut vows to improve corruption ranking

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha voiced satisfaction for the country's  improved ranking of corruption perception index to third place among ASEAN countries, pledging he would make better ranking next year.

Speaking at a special lecture entitled “Transparency in Organisational Management in Thailand”, to award organisations with outstanding performances in transparency at  the 4th NACC Integrity Award, Gen Prayut said his government has placed anti corruption task as a national agenda to create  confidence among foreign investors.

He said it was necessary to make  transparency  a value for all organisations as it could obstruct the country from moving forward if there is no transparency.

Currently, he said, his government is asking both local and provincial level administration their needs before driving forward good governance in these bureaucratic administrations.

He said the country has fallen into the  ” transparency trap”,  comparing the country to a crawling tiger but with weakened   back legs.
“So it  can’t crawl forward as it has not enough strength to move, ” he said.

He said his government wants private sector’s participation in the anti-corruption drive to make it a shield.

He encouraged all the people to have moral constraint, and feel ashamed of committing corruption.

He admitted that restructuring  bureaucracy is difficult as he has limited time of just a year, thus he required all state agencies to report their performances every three months.

However he said he was  satisfied with the recent ranking of the country for corruption perception index which ranked  Thailand on the third among ASEAN countries.

He pledged he would try to make better ranking next year.

Thailand’s corruption perception index improves this year with ranking moving up from 102nd place last year to 85th place and score rising to 38 from 35.

But the country still remains among two-thirds of 175 countries with score below 50, on a scale from 0 (perceived to be highly corrupt) to 100 (perceived to be very clean).

In ASEAN, only Singapore and Malaysia are ahead of Thailand. But Thailand was ranked 16th out of the 28 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) organises the Integrity Award to honour and support the conduct and morale of those who have served as outstanding role models, and to further the growing societal commitment to running businesses with ethics and integrity as well as to dedicating solemn responsibility for the entire national community

Earlier a NACC executive said he believed  the country could improve to 50th place in 2017.