Prawit says ban on political activities may be eased for local election

The Government may lift ban on political activities for local elections, Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan said on Monday (Nov 13).

The lifting of the ban came as political parties are calling on the military junta to “unlock” political parties or to ease restrictions on political activities, reasoning that the military junta itself had given the promise to lift the ban after the end of the Royal Cremation ceremony and the one-year mourning period.

Gen Prawit who is in charge of national security matters, said the ban might be eased for local election first.

But for national election, the ban of political activities will stay, he said.

However he said he was not worried if the political ban would be unlocked and political parties would start criticising the government.

He said the government will also seek cooperation from local politicians and political parties during their local election campaign to refrain from criticising the government or the military junta.