Prawase lauds government’s reconciliation forum

Senior citizen Dr Prawase Wasi lauded the government-sponsored  reconciliation forum held yesterday that it was a good sign for the Thai society to have awareness of peace and reconciliation.

But he said that when awareness was awakened it would become a catalyst to pressure politicians to enter into the process of reconciliation though some politicians might disagree.

However this was much better to let the state becoming a catalyst or a pioneer as it would certainly provoke conflicts, he said.

He said that on September 6 the chairman of the Anti Corruption Network Mr Pramont Sutheewong would  invite Adam Kahane, author of the book,  “Power and Love, and Solving Tough Problems”, to Thailand to exchange his experiences with the Thai people. The author has been involved in several global conflicts, including those in Columbia and in Argentina.

“I still believe that internal conflict here could be resolved easier that conflicts in other parts of the world because our conflict has nothing to do with religions or races. It is merely a conflict of thoughts. So don’t be upset, we have to help. Conflict can happen. We can engage in quarrel but not to kill each other. Presently the opposition may disagree, but we have  to be open-minded and treat those with different ideas as one of our own,” said Mr Prawase.