Pornpetch says he didn’t know why NLA rejected the 7 EC nominations

National Legislative Assembly president Pornpetch Wichitcholchai admitted Thursday  (Feb 22) that he didn’t understand why the assembly voted down all the seven election commissioners proposed by the selection committee.

The selection process will start all over again with the secretary-general of the Senate, in his capacity as the NLA secretary-general, sending a letter to the president of the Supreme Court as chairman of the selection committee to start the selection process to select five election commissioners while the two others are to be selected at the plenary session of Supreme Court judges, said Mr Pornpetch.

As a member of the selection panel himself, the NLA president said that he was not involved in the voting on Thursday and, hence, didn’t know what was the real reason behind the rejection of the seven commissioners by the NLA.

However, he insisted that there was no “directive” from the junta for the NLA to vote down the seven commissioners.  But he assured that this would not affect the election roadmap.

Mr Pornpetch admitted that he felt worried with the renewed selection process and would recommend the selection committee to extend the period of application and to promote it to a wider public so that there would be more people to apply for the candidacy.