Pornpetch insists CDC to decide whether senators can nominate candidate for prime minister’s post

The Constitution Drafting Committee will have to decide whether senators have the right to nominate the candidate for the premiership post or not, National Legislative Assembly (NLA) president Pornpetch Wichitcholachai said on Monday.

He pointed out that it was the duty of the CDC to amend the draft constitution to match with the content of the attached question in the referendum which was endorsed by majority voters.

The attached question is whether House members and senators should jointly consider the selection of the prime minister.

Mr Pornpetch asked critics not to quickly jump into conclusion that the NLA wanted to distort the draft charter in a way that senators should be allowed to nominate candidate for the premiership post and to wait until the CDC has come up with its amendments to the draft.

He insisted that the attached question is short and clear cut – that is whether voters agree or disagree with letting House members and senators jointly consider the selection of the prime minister “which means the whole process of selection and not just casting the votes.“

He explained that the selection process begins with the nomination of the candidate or candidates for the prime minister’s post and the setting of qualifications and conditions of the person to be the prime minister.

The NLA president insisted that senators are not entitled to nominating a candidate for the premiership post at the first joint meeting of the House and Senate to choose the prime minister but they will be allowed to do so if the first attempt has failed provided that this right is clearly specified in the provisional chapter of the draft charter.