Por had his left foot amputated to contain infection

Popular TV actor Tridsadee (Por) Sahawong had his left foot amputated from the ankle down in order to contain serious infection, Ramathibodi hospital announced on Sunday.

The operation to remove Por’s left foot took place on Saturday after doctors foud out that the patient’s blood pressure was uncontrollable due to serious infection of the left foot.

Doctors also operated on Por’s left lung to stop bleeding in the lung.

Blood pressure is now under control, pupil reflex remains normal while liver and kidney functioning is stable as muscle relaxant was administered to enhance the efficiency of respiratory machine.  Complications in the gastrointestinal system have eased, according to the statement.

The patient still needs to be administered with anti-biotics, pressure stimulant, intravenous feeding, blood transfusion and kidney dialysis.

No traces of dengue fever were detected in the patient’s body but doctors have to treat complications from dengue fever and the patient is still being required to be kept at CCU for close monitoring, said the hospital.