POMC bans provocative messages in social media and websites

Social media operators and webmasters were asked by the Peace and Order Maintaining Command (POMC) today to stop posting messages or statements which are deemed provocative, inciting violence, unreliable or in violation of the law.

The Peace-keeping Directorate warned that any social media operators or webmasters who failed to follow its request might face suspension of their operations or shutdown of their websites.

Also, the webmasters and the media operators may also face legal proceedings.

In the meantime, PKD suspended the operations of four additional satellite TV stations namely Hot TV, Voice TV, Rescue TV, TV station of the Network of Students and People for Thailand’s Reform.

The PKD also prohibited the proprietors of printed media and broadcast media, the editors, moderators and the media to invite individuals who are not active government officials, academics or judicial workers and independent organizations for an interview or for an expression of opinions in a way which may exacerbate the conflict or cause chaos.