Poll shows decriminalizing Kratom won’t reduce drug users

Bangkok Poll said in its latest survey that the Office of the Narcotics Control Board’s proposal to decriminalize Kratom could not help to reduce the number of drug addicts.


In its survey on “Drugs and Decriminalizing Kratom”, 60 samples viewed that the withdrawal of Kratom leaves from narcotic drug list could not help to reduce the number of “yaba” or methamphetamine users. At the same time delisting Kratom leaves from the drug list could not help to ease the southern unrest.

But the poll showed that should such delisting Kratom turns real and becomes effective, 49.2 of those polled advised that  the growing of such Kratom trees must be controlled for medical use only, and must  be controlled in specific areas both in growing areas and quantity. At the same time 52.2% said they remained concern if the delisting would stimulate more users of Kratom. But 47.8 showed no worry as they consider Kratom is a herb which can be used to cure sickness as it is commonly available. But 45.7% said using Kratom may lead to the use of other severe narcotic drugs.

Kratom is a tropical deciduous and evergreen tree in the coffee family. It has been traditionally chewed by people in southern Thailand as they perceived Kratom consuming is not a “drug use”.