Poll shows over 75 percent of the people support martial law

More than 75 percent of the people surveyed by Suan Dusit Poll agreed with the martial law.

Suan Dusit Poll of Ratchabhat University’s Suan Dusit campus conducted an opinion survey from a total of 1,264 people during May 20-21. The results of the survey are as follows:

–     50.93 percent said the martial law would help ease the tensioin and the army are capable of controlling the situation and preventing confrontation.

–     25.75 percent believe that martial law is a way out of the conflict and the people will feel more secured.

–     11.49 percent are worried because the martial law may affect their livelihood and render inconvenience to their travelling.

–     7.14 percent are concerned that the martial law will impact on the country’s image and stability.

–     4.66 percent are afraid that the special law may provoke resistance which may lead to more violence.

The poll showed that 75.95 percent agreed with the martial law because it would help prevent violence and people feel more secured whereas 12.34 percent said that with or without martial law the political conflict would not be resolved and protests would continue as normal.

The 11.71 percent who opposed the law said that the martial law was unjustified because there was no riot or serious violence to justify the imposition of the law. Moreover, the law will give a false impression that a coup has taken place.