Politicians used to serve jailterms will be barred from contesting polls

Politicians who were imprisoned or used to be imprisoned on criminal charges with the exception of defamation charges or petty offences or who were convicted of corruption charges will be banned from contesting elections, said Constitution Drafting Committee spokesman Norachit Singhasenee on Friday.

The above criterion was agreed by the CDC, he said, adding that former MPs who were banished from politics for five years after the dissolution of their parties would be able to contest the polls after the expiry of the five-year ban.

But politicians who were imprisoned but later were pardoned will be barred from contesting the elections, said the CDC spokesman.

Regarding the timeframe for the announcement of election results, the CDC ruled that the results must be announced within 30 days after an election so that the House can convene but there must be at least 90 or 95 percent of the full house MPs.

If the number of MPs for the first sitting falls short of the requirement, the Election Commission must stage by-elections and announce results within 15 days.