Police are waiting for doctor’s report on a man who caused six-car pile-up in Lampang

Police in Lampang province have not decided to file charges against an elderly man who rammed his car into the rear of a car, causing damage to six cars and injury to three people after his right leg suddenly turned weak, making him unable to jam the brake.

The unfortunate accident occurred at the clock tower circle in the middle of Lampang township on Monday (Jan 15).

The 63-year-old man, a retired schoolteacher identified as Mr Krairirk Pongprasert, reportedly told police inquiry officers at Muang district police station that while he was driving toward the intersection his right leg suddenly turned weak, making him unable to life his leg to jam the brake and his car rammed into the rear of another car, resulting to a pile-up involving six cars, including his own.

Pol Lt-Col Nawapol Pongpairote, the inquiry inspector, said he would wait for the doctor’s report about the health condition of the suspect before deciding what charges to be filed against him.

Damages to the six cars – four pick-ups and two sedans – were estimated at several hundreds of thousand baht while the suspect has third-class insurance coverage.

Sopon Pitaksalee, the land transport chief of Lampang, said that normally a driver would have to produce a doctor’s certificate to prove that he/she is physically fit to drive a car before a license would be issued.

In this case however, he said authorities in Bangkok should consider what measures to be used to deal with the problem.