Police told to stop using spy cameras to capture violators trying to bribe police

Police were ordered today to stop using spy cameras to capture traffic violators in the act of trying to bribe policemen in the hope of getting 10,000 baht reward from the National Police Office.

The order which was issued by the National Police Office and conveyed to all police units concerned through the police radio instructed all police commanding officers to inform their men that the National Police Office and the National Council for Peace and Order had no policy whatsoever to use such a trick to nail traffic violators attempting to bribe policemen.

Such a trick will more likely to cause rift and suspicion between the police and members of the public, said the order.  It also warned that any policeman who continue with this practice might face punishment.

Meanwhile Pol Maj-Gen Adul Narongsak, deputy commissioner of metropolitan police bureau in charge of traffic and the brainchild behind the 10,000 baht reward and spy cameras summoned a meeting of officers concerned to discuss this issue.

He, however, that the reward programme would continue until the end of this month after which it would be evaluated to determine its merits and demerits.

But as far as the public is concerned, it appears that the programme has come under heavy fire by critics who pointed out that instead of trying to catch police who demand bribes the police are trying to arrest people who try to bribe the police.