Police suspect business conflict in woman’s fatal knife attack in Udon Thani

Udon Thani police suspect that the fatal stabbing of the wife of a retired police officer on a road in Muang district was motivated by her business in money lending.

Two assailants, riding on a motorcycle, approached the victim, Mrs Prayoon Thongmo, also riding on a motorbike at about 8pm on Monday (Dec 25). The pillion rider then kicked her motorbike, making her lose control and fell on the road.

Then one of them ran toward her and stabbed her several times with a knife before escaping. The severely-injured Prayoon managed to limp her way for a short distance to ask for help from people in the neighbourhood before she collapsed.

The victim was rushed to the nearest hospital, but she was already dead upon arrival.

Police said that the two assailants did not touch the victim’s 10,000 baht in cash in her wallet, her gold ring and bracelet.

Police assumed that business conflict could be the real motive of the fatal knife attack.