Police to summon self-claimed witness in Trang murder case for questioning

Police will summon for questioning a person who has claimed he knew that a murder convict who was executed by lethal injection on June 18 in Trang province was not the real culprit, Pol Lt Col Prasert Songsaeng, the deputy chief of Trang police, said on Saturday (June 23).

Pol Lt Col Prasert said that the person claimed that Thirasak Longji, 26, who was executed, was not involved in the murder of Danudet Sukmak, a Mathayom Sueksa 5 student, six years ago. Danudet was stabbed 24 times and robbed of a mobile phone and a wallet.

Concerning this matter, that person will be summoned for questioning. It is not clear whether that person’s claim is true or false, Pol Lt Col Prasert said. He did not identify the person.

Police from Muang police station on Friday went to the Somdet Phra Srinakarin 95 public park in the Trang Municipality where Danudet was murdered six years ago to re-enact the crime and look for more evidence to hunt for another murder suspect who was still at large.

Pol Lt Col Prasert said the re-enactment of crime had nothing to do with the execution of Thirasak because the death sentence on him was handed down by the court of the first instance and upheld by the two higher courts.

The family of Thirasak said they respect the courts’ decision. But since a new witness has emerged to give new information, they want the police to re-investigate the case to establish the truth.