Police to summon “Sek Loso” for shooting in the air

Nakhon Si Thammarat provincial police today(Dec 30) said they are collecting evidence to summon Seksan Sukpimai, widely known by his stage name “Sek Loso” for questioning for shooting into the air and the ground in front of the statue of King Taksin the Great in Nakhon Si Thammarat on Thursday night.

The province held a celebration to mark the 250-year anniversary of the establishment of Thonburi as the capital of Siam by the great king.

The action by the police came after the rockstar and lead singer of the Thai rock band “Loso” posted on his Sekloso Facebook page a short video clip showing he fired his pistol into the air and the ground after worshipping the statute shrine of the great king at Wat Khao Khunphanom temple in Phromkiri district late Thursday night.

He fired nine shots into the air and another into the ground.

The video clip went viral on the Internet with many viewers questions the appropriateness of the shooting and carrying a loaded pistol into the temple where a celebration was held. Besides they also viewed that the falling bullets might harm people on the ground.

Sek also posted photos of his pistol on his Facebook homepage in comparison to the police pistol “Sig Sauer 320 pistol” in the hand of Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan testing the pistol.

He said he had no intention to show disrespect to the deputy prime minister but questioned what kind of pistol they were testing.

Nakhon Si Thammarat police commander Pol Maj Gen Wanchai Ekpornpit said shooting into the air is a criminal offence no matter on what occasion the shots were fired.

Besides, he said such shooting might also pose threat to the people on the ground from the falling bullets.

He said in case of the police sighting such shooting at the scene, the shooter would be apprehended instantly.

But in this case, he said that the police would first question witnesses and collect evidence and issue a warrant to summon him for questioning.

He said it was inappropriate to shoot into the air.

He said the police will also see to it whether he has license to own the gun and whether he has a license to carry it.

But he reiterated in any case, shooting in the air is forbidden by law and is a criminal offence.

But Sek’s personal manager defended the shooting saying it was to salute the great king and claimed other worshippers at the celebration also shot into the air.

Sek Loso is now on a concert tour to the provinces with schedules to show in Nong Khai today (Saturday) and Pattaya on Sunday.