Police are ready to tackle gang presenting false evidence to Supreme Court

Nakhon Phanom provincial  police are prepared to set up an inquiry team to prosecute a group of people who allegedly produce false evidence to the court in bid to revive a deadly car crash incident 12 years ago.

The police action followed the Nov 17 ruling by the Supreme Court rejecting the petition of a former school teacher, Jomsap Sanmuangkote, for the revival of a fatal car accident case in which she was found guilty and sentenced to three years and two months by three courts.

The Supreme Court rejected her petition on the reason that there was no new evidence to justify the revival of her case and that her witnesses appeared to be unreliable.

The court also took note of the existence of a gang, led by a man named Suriya, who allegedly offered Sap Wapee 400,000 baht to testify that he was the real driver but Sap later withdrew. Suriya later approached another man, Prasert Roopsa-ard, with 200,000 baht offer, but the man declined because he could not drive.

Chief police investigator Pol Col Phairoj Kujiraphand said the police team would look into details of the verdict before taking action with the gang, particularly during the time when the “Friends of Khru Jomsap” surfaced and called for revival of her case.

He suspected the whole falsifying process might start from a teacher named Suriya or Khru Ong approaching a former senator in Mukdahan province, asking him to help push for the case revival.

Pol Col Phairoj added that if the police gain substantial evidence, all people relevant to the gang will be drastically dealt with by  laws.