Police to propose public gathering bill soon

The Royal Thai Police is now trying to conclude the public gathering bill to propose to the National Legislative Assembly for approval with assurance that it will not deprive the right of the people to hold public gathering.

Acting commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Pol Gen Watcharapol Prasanratchakit  said his working group is finalising some unsettled issues in the draft law but expected to finalise and  propose to the NLA soon.

He said the draft law would not deprive the right for public gathering but under conditions that it is unarmed gathering, and organiser of public gathering must notify the police 24 hours in advance.

This was necessary as the police have to prepare themselves to facilitate traffic, and tell the public about the gathering so they can plan their travels.

He said if the gathering meets all conditions, it will be allowed to go ahead.

However if the gathering deprives the right of others, the police are empowered to halt the gathering.

He also said the police would also propose that the gathering should not exceed 10.00 p.m.

(Photo : ThaiPBS file)