Police officers throng logistics office for Sig Sauer pistols

After almost two years of waiting, police officers throughout the Kingdom are now allowed to come to Bangkok to pick up their service pistols, Sig Sauer P320, for official uses.

They paid 23,890 baht for the Swiss-made pistol for police service as market price is about 100,000 baht.

The Royal Thai Police allowed police officers who have already paid for the 9mm pistols they placed order since 2015 to pick up the pistols this week at the Royal Thai Police’s Office of Logistics.

Royal Thai Police deputy spokesman Pol Col Krissana Pattanacharoen said the office would be able to distribute 400 pistols an hour to police officers coming from various stations across the country, thus prompting the need to distribute queue card for them for orderly distribution.

But he said that beginning next year, it will allow police officer to register online before coming to pick up the queue cards to take their pistols.

This will enable to allow the office to hand out 2,500 pistols a day.

The spokesperson also assured that until late today there was no complaint that any persons has demanded money to give favour to officers coming to get their guns as being reported in the social media.


One officer from Nong Kham police station in Bangkok Pol Sgt Uthai Tri-oat said he was delighted to have his own personal pistol for official use.

This would bolster his confidence in performing police duty as now criminals have sophisticated guns to counter police, and the Royal Thai Police has tight budget to procure sophiscated weapon, he said.

According to the Royal Thai Police, it has ordered 150,000 P320 Sig Sauer pistols for its personnel.

The Market price of the model is about 100,000 baht. The market price is high because of the high import tax and limited gun quota each gunshop is allocated by state registrar.

One officer is allowed to buy only one pistol and it can not be transferred or sold to others except inherited to heir in case owner dies.

So far the Royal Thai Police received 40,000 bookings for the pistols.

The deputy spokesperson also said the Royal Thai Police has procured 55,000 Sig Sauer pistols  to distribute to police stations nationwide.  Each station will be allocated 60 pistols for official use, he added.