Police officer accused of helping Yingluck flee the country escapes act of misbehaviour

A senior police officer who was earlier accused of helping Ms Yingluck Shinawatra to flee the country has escaped act of misbehaviour charge after DNA laboratory test produced no DNA samples of her in the car used in the escape.

The officer Pol Col Chairit Anukrit, deputy commamder of the Metropolitan Police Bureau’s Fifth Division, faces misbehaviour charge for not performing his duty as law enforcement officer to arrest the fugitive ex-premier. He was among three police officers accused of helping to drive her to the border in a Toyota Camry car to escape.

Chief investigator of the Yingluck’s escape case Pol Gen Srivara Rangsibhramanakul, deputy commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, said on Monday ( October 9) that the officer, Pol Col Chairit, would escape the act of misbehaviour charge as forensic police have concluded their laboratory test on DNA samples collected from inside the car, and from inside the house of the ex-premier, and couldn’t confirm if there are DNA samples of her in the escape car.

He said the result showed there are DNA samples of so many people in the car, thus they could not confirm Yingluck was in the car.

The car was tainted with so many DNA samples, thus discouraging the forensic scientists from matching with DNA samples of the ex-premier collected from her house, he said.

Therefore the police could not charge him under Article 157 of the Criminal Code, he said.

But he assured that the officer and two other police officers are still facing two other charge, violation of the Customs Law and forging official documentsfir the using of the illegally imported Toyota Camry car.

He said the two charges are severe and carry high penalties.