Police identify three RKK insurgent in death of five officers

The police have now known the identities of three of the five insurgents who shot and killed five plainclothes police attached to the anti oil smuggling unit of the Border Police Operation Centre yesterday.

Pol Maj-Gen Ekapob Prasitwatanachai, chief of Pattani police, said that forensic police have collected over 140 spent shell casings of various guns from the scene of shooting for scientific examination and found evidence linked to three RKK core members.

They were known as Saman, Ahama and Pata. They are core RKK members with experience in gun use. All have arrest warrants on several serious crimes, one of which was the robbery of a KBank in Mayo district late in May.

He said these insurgents followed the officers  all the way to Yangdaeng district of Pattani in a black pickup truck and opened fire when the officers’ car reached their target destination. He believed the insurgents have a local agent to give signal for the ambush.

The truck which was used in the attack was also stolen from a southern province, he said.

He added that the five insurgents are believed still hiding out in the area and he has placed police on all road checkpoints to keep watch on the truck.