Police hunt unruly youths after storming into hospital ward in Samut Sakhon

Samut Sakhon police are now hunting a dozen of youths after they fired several gunshots and stormed into Krathumbaen hospital and assaulted their rivals in the emergency ward last night.

Three youths in the ward were injured and all the youths escaped.

The daring firing of gunshots from pistols in front of the hospital and the breaking into the emergency ward by the duly youths amid the frightened patients and medical staff were caught in video by the hospital’s CCTV cameras.

The police looked through all video footages yesterday and said now they have known who the youths are and they are hunting for them.

Forensic police found 12 cases of 9mm cartridges on the ground in front of the hospital.

Samut Sakhon acting police commander Pol Col Mana Inphitak said inquiry of the injured youths revealed that they both are rival groups and they agreed to meet for talk to end the conflict at a shop.

However they could not settle the conflict and then a fighting beige out.

The defeating group then ran into the hospital for treatment after they were injured. But their rivals ran after them, fired several gunshots and stormed into the emergency wards where the injured rivals were awaiting for treatment.

They assaulted the rival youths with sticks and then escaped.

Police said they knew the identities of several youths and are hunting them for court trial.