Police hands over Victoria Secret’s human trafficking case file to DSI

The Royal Thai Police on Friday (Jan 19) handed over the human trafficking case file involving the Victoria Secret massage parlour raid on Jan 12 to the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) for investigation.

But Wang Thong Lang police station, where Victoria Secret is located under its jurisdiction, will still handle investigation of persons who had sex with the underage at the massage parlour as it is not categorised as human trafficking.

A brief handover ceremony was held at the Royal Thai Police headquarters and witnessed by the advisor to the Royal Thai Police, Pol Gen Tamasak Wicharaya.

The case file was delivered to DSI’s Human Trafficking Division deputy director Pol Lt Col Krittat Uamson by Wang Thong Lang police investigators.

Pol Gen Tamasak later told the media that the Royal Thai Police was complying with DSI’s request and reassured the public that they had not intentionally delayed the official handover as was widely speculated.

Pol Gen Tamasak: Police are ready to cooperate with the DSI.

In fact, he said that it took time for the testimonies of 8 suspects, and 2 possible suspects along with 94 other witnesses to be collected and collated into the 3,500 page dossier.

Upon receiving the case file, DSI officer Pol  Lt Col Krittat said that it will take about three months for them to complete a full scrutiny of the dossier.

With regard to allegations that a number of police officers had used their influence to be granted free services at Victoria Secret and receive bribes, he said the Anti-Corruption Operation Centre has made a formal request to the Royal Thai Police to appoint a special committee to look into the claims.

The centre wanted the investigation team to crosscheck abbreviations, acronyms and positions of individuals in Victorias Secret’s customer list with the lists earlier seized from Nataree massage parlor that was raided by authorities in June last year to find any matches.

In a other development, the Criminal Court has issued warrants for two more individuals for alleged human trafficking. One of them is Kamphon Wiriyathepsuporn who is believed to be the real owner of Victoria Secret.

Royal Thai Police deputy commissioner Pol Gen Srivara Ransibhramanakul said the police have sought warrants from the court for the arrest of Kamphon and his sister Nipha on human trafficking charges and 12 other felonies.

He said the court had approved the warrants.

Meanwhile the Metropolitan Police Bureau’s initial investigation into the conduct of five police senior officers at the Wang Thong Lang police station has determined that they were guilty of negligence of duties in allowing massage parlour in their precinct to employ illegal migrants for prostitution which is a violation of human trafficking laws.

The officers have yet to be charged as the investigation into Victoria Secret was still ongoing.

The officers whose names and ranks appeared on Victoria Secret’s entertainment expenses account will be summoned for questioning.