Police to get tough with cars with loud engine noise

Police in Bangkok will get tough with cars and motorcycles which emit loud noise exceeding 90 decibel starting in March, according to Traffic Police Division of Metropolitan Police Bureau.

Pol Lt-Col Swit Charoenphol, an inspector attached to the 5th subdivision of Traffic Police Division, said that police were now well-prepared to strictly enforce the law regarding emissions and car engine noise after the Pollution Control Department had provided training to traffic policemen on the handling of equipment to test the emissions and engine noise of cars and motorcycles for the past three months.

However, he said that the check of engine noise would be undertaken in Bangkok’s suburbs where there are more open space and with less high-rises which would ensure more accurate reading of engine noise.

He noted that there would not be much problem from car or motorcycle engines which were not modified with the exception of soaped-up engines which will emit loud noise.

Cars which emit noise beyond the 90-decible limit will be issued with a white sticker and banned from the road for 30 days and the drivers fined 1,000 baht each.

But before the strict enforcement of the measure in March, motorists can bring their cars to the Pollution Control Department, Khukhanan Loy Fa Police Station or the City Administration’s workshop for engine testing.