Police to file complaint against a friend of Khru Jomsap

Nakhon Phanom police are to file complaints with police in three police stations against a friend of Khru Jomsap Sanmuangkote and Mr Sub Wapee who claimed to be the real driver who was involved in the fatal road accident in which the school teacher was convicted and jailed.

Pol Maj-Gen Suvicharn Yarnkittitkul, commander of Nakhon Phanom provincial police, said Sunday that he had assigned Pol Lt-Col Adisak Ponsriharat who used to be an inquiry officer of Na Don police station handing the car accident case in question and Pol Lt-Col Kittisak Samritsakulchai to file charges with Na Don, Renoo Nakorn and Muang district police against Mr Suriya Nualcharoen and Mr
Sub Wapee.

Pol Maj-Gen Suvicharn said Mr Suriya, a friend of Mrs Jomsap, presented evidence to the police to show that the school teacher was not the driver of the car involved in the fatal road accident in a bid to have the accident case to be revived.

The two men will face charges of falsifying evidence and using false evidence in a bid to demand a retrial of a car accident case which was already over.

Sub, meanwhile, he was the driver who rammed the car into the 75-year cyclist, causing his death, not Mrs Jomsap. But he did not testify during the hearing for the revival of the case.

The fatal road accident occurred in 2005 in Nakhon Phanom. Mrs Jomsap fought the case through three courts. She was finally sentenced to three years and two months, but after serving one year and six months she was released by a Royal Pardon two years ago after which she filed a complaint with the Justice Ministry asking for the revival of the case and reinstatement as a teacher in Sakhon