A police corporal who fought with militants transferred for his safety

A Ra-ngae district policeman who engaged in a firefight with a group of southern militants responsible for the March 30 drive-by attack of the district police station has been transferred out of the district to the southern border police operations centre for his safety.

An informed police source said that the transfer of Pol Corporal Poonsawat Sathien-udom, platoon commander of Ra-ngae district police, was a precautionary measure to prevent a possible repeat of revenge attacks against police with outstanding performance record by the militants.

The source cited a handful of outstanding police officers who were later killed by the militants, noting that Poonsawat has become an instant celebrity after being interviewed the media for his action in putting up a fight with the assailants on March 30.

One policeman was killed and five others injured in the drive-by attack by militants disguised as construction workers riding on the back of a stolen pick-up truck. Police suspected the daring attack was a revenge against the recent killing of two suspected militants by the police force.

Manhunt of the assailants continued on Sunday by combined police and ranger forces in Ra-nage, Cho-Airong and Muang districts of Narathiwat.

Two suspects who were earlier detained by security forces have been released after it was proven that they had nothing to do with the March 30 attack.