Police conduct emergency air medical rescue drill

The Royal Thai Police yesterday (Oct 19) conducted an emergency air medical rescue drill to carry patient to hospital.

The air drill is among several measures that the Royal Thai Police have prepared during the Royal Cremation Ceremony to evacuate emergency patients to hospital in time.

The air drill is a coordination between the Police Aviation Division and the Police General Hospital.

Acting deputy commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Pol Gen Virachai Songmetta said the medical helicopter that was used in the drill today is the latest medical evacuation helicopter that was purchased for emergency air rescue.

He said the helicopter is equipped with all basic life rescue instruments same as used in the ambulance.

It is also manned by medical staff to provide emergency assistance.

He said the Royal Thai Police has six helicopters in use for emergency rescue.

In addition to provide emergency assistance to people during the Royal Cremation Ceremony, they will be used to assist people suffering from flooding across the country.