Police are always police wherever they are: RTP deputy spokesman

The Royal Thai Police is ready to come under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice as proposed by a police reform subcommittee in the coordinating committee of the National Legislative Assembly and the National Reform Steering Assembly.

Pol Maj-Gen Songpol Wattanachai, deputy spokesman of the RTP, said Friday that police, as the guardians of the people, are ready to accept whatever status decided by the government “because we are still the people’s guardians”.

The police reform subcommittee’s proposal on the status of the RTP will be submitted to the whips of the NLA and NRSA for consideration.

Pol Lt-Gen Songpol said that police had always attached importance to the public and, for that matter, it would not be any problem for the RTP to come under the jurisdiction of the Justice Ministry or directly answerable to the prime minister as it is now.

He added that the police’s job would not duplicate with that of the Department of Investigation which is currently under the Justice Ministry.

Asked how the police feel about being tossed around from being under the Interior Ministry, to the Prime Minister’s Office and then to the prime minister and, now to be put under the Justice Ministry, the deputy spokesman maintained that police are always police wherever they are.