PM warns against increased political conflicts

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has warned that increased political conflicts may jeopardize the political roadmap, but he assured that the election would not be postponed but held within the set roadmap.

For the coming new year, he said he didn’t want to see the country fall into political unrest or political conflict and would like to see the country prepare itself to go into election mode and advance toward democratic rule.

He maintained that his warning was only intended to discourage certain elements from inciting unrest or troubles.
The prime minister, again, dismissed the suggestion that he would form a political party, adding that he had not been approached by any party or political group to become a non-elected prime minister in the next administration.

He said he had not made up his mind about the prospecting of heading the next government, noting that future political situations would be the deciding factor.

The prime minister also denied that the NCPO’s executive order to extend period for the paper work of party memberships by another 30 days was not intended to “reset” existing parties’ memberships as alleged by several parties and politicians.