PM wants Revenue Department to demand tax payment from Shinawatra family

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha has reiterated that he would not invoke Section 44 of the interim constitution to demand capital gains tax payment from the Shinawatra family over the sale of its stake in Shin Corporation to Singapore’s Temasek Holdings in 2006.

But he said the Finance Ministry had ordered the Revenue Department to demand the tax payment from the Shinawatra family before the expiry of the statute of limitations of the case due on March 31.

Whether the capital gains tax, reported to amount to about 10 billion baht from the sale of 73 billion baht worth of Shin Corp’s stakes, can finally be collected or not should be judged by judicial process so that all parties in the case have the chance to state their arguments in the court, said the prime minister.

He insisted that the government was merely acting as recommended by the Office of the Auditor-General otherwise it would be accused of doing nothing about the case.

He maintained that the government had no intention to bully anyone in particular.