PM suggests Thais to start saving for their future

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha called on Thai people to spend wisely and to start saving so that they will have enough savings to make a living after retirement.

In his weekly address to the Thai people on Friday (Jan 5), the prime minister said he would like the Thai people to have discipline in spending and to start long-term saving with a purpose, adding that saving is important and this should be instilled in the minds of our youngsters.

However, he said that many people would question how could they start saving because their income was not enough to meet their spending.

“But we can start saving whatever our job or occupation is,” said the prime minister as he promised that the government provide a counter-fund to match the individual’s saving.

While admitting that there is no successful formula for saving, he said there were two ways of saving.  “Spend 70 baht and save 30 baht from an earning of 100 baht and if we spend less than 70 baht, then we can save more,” he added.

The prime minister also suggested Thai people to attach importance to good content when they want to see a movie, listen to music or surf the internet and to refrain from sharing messages which have bad content.

For those who complain they don’t earn enough to spare for saving, the prime minister said he would give them moral support and to rethink about the merits of saving.

“To fill water into a leaked water jar. Water is income and the leak water is expense.  If we want to live a better life in the future, we must put more water into the jar than the water which leaks out,” he said.