PM says EEC will change the face of Thailand

  • English News : PM says EEC will change the face of Thailand
    PM says EEC will change the face of Thailand

The Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) development project will change the face of Thailand, will generate an annual revenue of about 70 billion baht in exports, will create tens of thousands of jobs in different fields and will utilize more than 50 billion baht worth of local raw materials annually, said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha Friday night.

In his weekly nationwide address, the prime minister said that all Thais would have the opportunities to reap the fruits of the project.  But, in order to ensure the utmost benefits, he stressed that it is necessary that they must adapt or develop themselves accordingly and must take part in the project.

He said that the raw materials to be used in the EEC project would come from domestic sources and the jobs to be created by the project would be filled up by domestic labour source.

SME startups, said the prime minister, must connect with big business operators in the EEC and all business activities in the EEC will connect with business activities across the country, in the region and beyond.

He recalled the prosperous economic era three decades ago when oil and natural gas was first struck in Thailand, saying that a new era of economic prosperity is opening up in Thailand with the implementation of the EEC development project.

“Today, I want to do for our children and grandchildren, for the new generation of people who are growing up.  We may not see the result now but it is OK.  But three years from now when many projects in the EEC will be completed one after the other, you will know that what I am saying today is true,” said the prime minister.