PM to meet political parties this month

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said he planned to meet with political parties some time this month after the Constitutional Court on Monday ruled that the amendments of Sections 140 and 141 of the Political Party Act by Order No.53/2560 issued on Dec 22 last year by Prime Minister Prayut Chano-cha in his capacity as chairman of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) did not violate the 2017 constitution.
“I will not raise any conditions. Whoever wants to come, come. I will not ask any party to join. As for parties which do not want to come, the people will decide for themselves why.
“As for a proposal by some parties for the meeting to be televised live, I would take it for consideration. I want to look into honesty of individual parties,” Gen Prayut said.
Concerning the call for the NCPO to lift the ban on political activities, he said the proposal would be taken for consideration on a case-by-case basis during the initial stage. The NCPO would have to consider the ban on which activities should be lifted.
“If the ban on all acvities of political parties is totally lifted at the same time, who will guarantee that there will not be any problems as happened in the past protests,” Gen Prayut asked.
He said that in the past political campaigns were plagued with mud-slingings instead of concentrating on what would be done under the policies of individual parties, adding that he did not want to see this happen.
The prime minister said he would like politicians and political parties to guarantee that they would strictly abide by the laws in conducting political campaigns and declaring party policies. The country should be ruled by law and order, he added.
Gen Prayut said if the people want a government with good governance, they have to be prepared for an election. “They must help prevent a recurrence of political activities that can lead to more conflicts,” he added.
He said he would forward organic bills on the election of MPs and the acquisition of senators to His Majesty the King for royal approval within the timeframe stated in the constitution. However, he has not yet received the two bills, which are being handled by Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Kreangam.