PM: Martial law will be eased in the future, not now

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said Friday night that martial law would be eased in the future but he could not say when exactly because there are still anti-government activities “which you may not see but we see”.

He stressed the need for stability and called upon people who have been calling for the revocation of martial law not to be too worried with the issue, saying that once the situation has been normalized the special law would be eased.

In his weekly address, the prime minister told the people not to be too worried with the current flooding in certain areas, saying that low-lying areas would be flooded anyway and that communities have expanded into flood-prone areas and, therefore, risk flooding.

General Prayuth explained that Thai people in the past built their houses on stilts which are several metres above ground and have boats so they were not worried with flooding.  But people today built their houses on the ground and when there are too much rains they are concerned of possible flooding.