PM assures no plan to restrict public access to information

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha on Tuesday stressed the need for cyber security in wake of widespread WannaCry malware attack, but he assured that the government has no plan to public access to information with the exception of illegal content.

He said that the security agencies had closely followed up the spread of WannaCry virus and all government bodies had strictly followed warning from the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society.

He claimed that all government computers had been safe from the virus attack.

The prime minister, however, admitted that it was practically impossible to completely prevent attack from WannaCry malware or other viruses because of the freedom of access to information that the government has no intention to restrict unless information or content which is deemed a security threat or violation of les majeste law.

Thai Internet Service Provider Association president Mrs Morakot Kulathamyothin, meanwhile, disclosed that, so far, about 200 computers in the country had been infected since May 12.

She said internet service providers were capable of dealing with the problem themselves and the problem was manageable.