Phu Chi Fa closed to visitors today

National park officials announced the closure of Phu Chi Fa forest park in Chiang Rai’s Wiang Kaen district on Wednesday (Dec 27) for safety reasons due to turbulent weather condition this morning.

National park chief Sanit Homnan said the turbulent weather condition was an impact from the Tembin typhoon which landed on the southern coast of Vietnam yesterday (Dec 26) and caused turbulent weather condition in Thailand.

He said there was rain in Chiang Rai and on mountain range where Phu Chi Fa is located throughout last night.

In the morning, widespread fog covering the entire mountain range, thus posing driving risk in the steep hill road, he said.

He then ordered the road checkpoint at the foothill to prohibit vehicles from entering the forest park for safety reason.

Phu Chi Fa forest park will be reopened for visitors when the weather improves.

Mr Sanit said there are now about 700 tourists on the hill and the temperature is about 7 degree Celsius. But he said the rain would cause the temperature to drop further.