“Philip Roller” : a new face to watch in Thai football

Philip Roller, the 23-year old Thai-German right-back of Ratchaburi Mitr Phol FC, has recently been recruited into the 25-member of the King’s Cup national football team by the team’s head coach, Milovan Rajevac.

Roller who arrived in Thailand just a couple of months ago and o

nly played four games in the Thai League with Ratchaburi Mitr Phol FC, said he was very proud to play in the Thai national team.

“I called my family to tell them about this and they are very proud of me, especially my mother because she is Thai,” said the young right-back.

He vowed to train hard and to do his best and to show his worth, firstly with the Ratchaburi Mitr Phol FC, and eventually the national team so he would be able to stay long there. 

When asked if he thought it was too soon for him to be in the Thai national team, he said it was just the right time.

He said when a football player tried to improve his skill and perform well, sooner or later he would be called in to join the national team.

According to FourFourTwo website, Roller’s father is a loyal fan of the Stuttgart football team and he aspired his son to play in his dream’s team.  So, the young boy was inducted into soccer since he was three with a team in their neighborhood.

But Roller soon found out that his dream’s team was Bayern Munich with his idol player being Mehmet Scholl.  He trained hard in accordance with the German soccer system and by the young age of 14, he thought about becoming a professional footballer.

Roller joined the youth squad of SSV Ulm 184 team, known to be a leading youth team.  He played with several clubs in Switzerland, Germany and Australia before joining Ratchaphol Mitr Phol FC and eventually the King’s Cup national soccer team.

Milovan Rajevac, head coach of the Thai national football team, said he was impressed by Roller’s characteristics.

Milovan Ravejac

“We were watching many matches. I saw him played for his club and I like some of his characteristics. So, I invited him to be part of the camp we will see how he is going to adapt and if play according to my instructions to prove that he is an important part of team,” Rajevac said.

The 45th King’s Cup tournament scheduled to be held on July 14-16 at the Rajamangala Sport Stadium.

On July 14, title holder Thailand will play North Korea, while Belarus will take on Burkina Faso. The winners will meet in the final on July 16.