Phi Phi islands tourism operators ask for fire trucks for the island

Tourism operators on the Phi Phi Island are demanding fire trucks to be based on this popular tourist destination following a huge fire on Tuesday (Feb 6) which has extensively damaged 25 row shophouses several of which are small resorts, hostels and eateries.

Nine Thai and foreign tourists were injured and several foreign tourists have lost their passports believed to be burned in the damaged hostels and resorts.

Mr Kanakorn Wongna, a tour operator on the island, said that Tuesday’s fire incident has exposed the island’s complete lack of equipment to deal with a fire incident.

He pointed out that Phi Phi island was a big crowded community with many construction structures catering to the need of tourists, but not a fire truck.  He said a small fire truck equipped with a 1,000-2,000 litre of water tank would suffice plus fire extinguishers equipped at different points on the island.

Meanwhile, almost 30 business operators and tourists who lost their belongings and document in the fire today (Feb 8) lodged complaints with the police.

About 100 tourism operators have complained that they have been without electricity since Tuesday, forcing many tourists to cancel their stay and return to the mainland while officials of the provincial electricity authority have been working hard to restore electricity supply.

As for the investigation into the cause of the fire, Pol Lt-Col Chetthapan Wichaidit, chief inspector of Ko Phi-Phi police, said that the police had questioned three individuals, including the owner of a food shop where fire was reported to have started.  But he declined to provide any details of the probe.