Phangnga police arrest 2 men with bomb-making materials

Two men from Yala have been arrested by Phangnga police with some bomb-making materials and brought to a security task force unit of the 4th Army Region for interrogation.

The two man, Muhamad Haji Hayo, 25, and Muhamad Soli Chelong, 22, both from Raman district of Yala, were stopped for a search when they arrived at a security checkpoint at Hin Dan intersection in Takua Pa district on a motorcycle about 30 minutes after midnight.

The police did not find anything illegal on them in the search, but a urine test revealed they had used drugs.

They were subsequently brought to a rented house in Takua Pa district where they lived. In the search, the police found one empty gas cylinder, a glass tube 1 centimetre in diametre and 67cm long, a two-inch stapler, and a computer keyboard hidden in the house.

The police suspected the two might have been involved in violent incidents in the three southern border provinces and might have a plan to create unrest during New Year celebrations.

The two men were handed over to a security unit of the 4th Army Region for interrogation.

They denied any involvement in violent incidents, saying that they were in Takua Pa district to look for jobs.  They said the materials found in the house had been left there by somebody else.