Most people want more people to join PM’s weekly talk show

The majority of the respondents of Nida Poll want the weekly “Returning Happiness to the People” TV programme to be adjusted with other ministers joining the talk show instead of just Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha.

63.92 percent of 1,250 respondents said they want to hear from the other ministers about their performance and achievements rather than just from the mouth of the prime minister alone.

However, 22.56 percent of the respondents want to format to maintain saying they love to hear the prime minister talks.

The National Institute of Development Administration or Nida conducted the opinion polls from 1,250 respondents on the subjects of PM and the Media and on the weekly TV programme on April 2-3.

Regarding the issue between the PM and the media, 39.67 percent said they felt Prime Minister Prayut is too straightforward that he may sound to be rude with the media; 29.28 percent felt the media’s questions were provocative; 26.08 percent felt the prime minister spoke too loud giving a wrong impression that he wanted to pick a fight with the media and 17.84 percent said the PM was short-tempered.