People not allowed to go up to 1st, 2nd floors of royal crematorium during exhibition

People are not allowed to go up to see the 1st and 2nd floors of the royal crematorium after some of the visitors were found to behave improperly, Fine Arts Department director-general Anant Chuchote said on Nov 2.

Mr Anant said after the government decided to open the royal crematorium for public viewing between Nov 2-30, the committee for organising the exhibition of the royal cremation opened the royal crematorium for the public to see on a trial run on Nov 1.

On that day, some people were found to behave improperly. Such improper conduct included flashing two fingers while posing for photos with the royal crematorium; taking selfies with the crematorium; picking up rocks, flowers and other articles as memorabilia; and touching objects on exhibition.

The organising committee, therefore, decided not to allow people to go up to the 1st and 2nd floors of the crematorium to prevent damage. They can only walk around the base of the crematorium and other structures around it.

On Nov 2, the first day of the exhibition, officials found that by allowing 5,000 people to visit the crematorium for an hour at a time it was still difficult to keep them in good order. Therefore, more officials will be deployed to put them in order.