People flock to postal offices to place order for Royal Cremation Ceremony pins

People flocked to the postal offices across the country to place orders for the Royal cremation commemorative pins when they are open for booking today.

The postal offices nationwide open from 8.30am today to receive orders.

At the postal office in Government House, it was packed with government officials and employees as the office opened at 8.30 am.

Within a few hours of opening, over 10,000 commemorative pins were booked.


Each pin costs 300 baht and people are allowed to book the pins as many as they could afford as there is no restriction for placing orders.

Deputy permanent secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office Mr Sompass Nilaphand said the PM’s Office.has cooperated with Thailand Post to open booking for the commorative pins.

He said all bookings would be processed in 30 days.

He said people must bring their ID cards for show while placing the orders.

He also said that from November 15 onward, booking of the royal commemorative pins could be made at all Krungthai Bank branches in Bangkok.