Most people believe cabinet reshuffle will lead to betterment: Bangkok Poll

Most of the people believe if there is a cabinet reshuffle there will changes to betterment in social, economic and political fields, according to the result of an opinion survey by Bangkok University’s research centre, or Bangkok Poll.

The poll was conducted on 1,166 people in all regions to see what they think if there is a reshuffle that will bring the “Prayut 5 cabinet” into existence.

A majority of the respondents, 52.5%, said that with the Prayut 5 cabinet in place there will be changes to betterment in social, economc and political fields; 37.2% believe people with high capability and knowledge will be brought to the cabinet; and, 31.1% are of the opinion that the cabinet reshuffle will cause an election to be further delayed.

Asked in what fields they want to see changes to the cabinet, 76.9% said they want to see changes in economic ministers; 46.7% want to see adjustments in the ministries related to social affairs and quality of life; and 24.5% want to see changes in the fields of administration and law enforcement.

Asked what they do not want to see from the cabinet reshuffle, 57.5% do not want the cabinet which is unaccountable for; 55.1% do not want to see nepotism in the appointments of cabinet ministers; and, 51.3% do not want to see appointments of ministers whose qualifications do not suit their ministries.

A majority, or 61.6%, of the respondents said they hope to see a better economy and better livelihood of the people; 48.6% hope to see the principles of good governance in place; and, 47.9% hope all minisers to work with transparency and accountability.

A slight majority, or 51.4%, are confident the cabinet change will lead to an election according to the country’s roadmap; 47.6% are not confident; and, only 1% are uncertain.